Monday, February 14, 2011

YA Blogosphere Lovefest - My Secret Valentine is....

Sarah Enni!

I'd like to wish Sarah a very Happy Valentines so I've made a list of some things I adore about her and her blog. Ready?

  • She's truly gifted at finding yummy pictures for my viewing pleasure. Okay, maybe they are not specifically for me but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy them, right? Check out some of the yumminess HERE. -- Go on and click it. You know you want to. 
  • She plays Nintendo. 
  • She plays TETRIS. I am absolute Tetris addict. I can see an online Tetris playoff in our future. :-)
  • She's a Twilight fan - a girl after my own heart. Plus, she's been to Forks. Look HERE for some great pics of Sarah at Forks. So cool!
  • She's Team Peeta. Enough said.
  • I totally agree with her about Clockwork Angel and the fact that it's possible to love the new series better than The Mortal Instruments. *gasp*
  • She starts phrases with "Dude" - I'm a total "Dude" girl. 
  • She's a total girly-girl in the sense that she actually paints her nails. I don't even know where my nail polish is. I'm sure my children hid it somewhere. As of Friday, Sarah's nails were dark purple. I envy the pretty nails. 
  • She is following her dream of becoming a published author. Yay Sarah! 
  • And last but certainly not least, Sarah is ...... a LITTLE MERMAID fan! This is a huge deal because The Little Mermaid played a central role in my childhood. I have vivid memories of fights with my cousin and best friend, Julie, over who could be Ariel for the day. The Little Mermaid (and let's show that lovable little crab, Sebastian some love too) FTW! 
Sarah, I hope you have the BEST Valentines Day ever! It was so much fun getting to know you better for this event and I truly look forward to learning more.

Happy Valentines Day!

    If you'd like to get to know Sarah better, you can check out her blog HERE.

    Also, check out Kate Hart's BLOG for the full list of blogs participating today.


    1. Cindy this is the best Valentine ever! You are the sweetest :) And we DEFINITELY have to have a Tetris showdown soon---possibly while listening to the soundtrack of The Little Mermaid??


    2. It was so much fun writing this up! Thank you for being such a great Valentine! <3

    3. Sarah is so awesome! I think you definitely did her justice!

    4. Yay! Happy Valentine's Day to Sarah and you, Cindy!

    5. Anyone who loves The Little Mermaid is OK in my book. :)

      Happy Valentine's Day to you both!

    6. I want in on the Tetris tournament.

    7. This is lovely! Sarah is so fab and OMG PLEASE HAVE A TETRIS TOURNAMENT I AM AN ADDICT, MYSELF.

    8. Yay! Now we just need to schedule this tournament. Thanks so much for stopping by everyone! <3

    9. Sarah is awesome. And TETRIS FTW!

      Happy Valentine's Day!



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