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Review: Tale of a Baseball Dream

Tale of A Baseball DreamTale of a Baseball Dream by Jerry Pearlman
Publisher: Family First Productions, Inc
Release date: 02/05/11
Genre:  Children ages 9-12

The Story: (from authors Facebook Tale of A Baseball Dream is the fictitious story of Dusty Hunter, a young boy that grew up with a love to play baseball. Dusty was small in stature, but proved to have a "big heart," as he overcame many obstacles and disappointments, in his efforts to become a great baseball player.

When Dusty's dream appeared that it would end in disappointment, Dusty tromped through the mud to the baseball field where he and his dad had spent many days practicing, and in all of his anger and frustrations, he proceeded to toss baseballs in the air and began hitting them with a vengeance. 

By fate, destiny, or miracle, Will Parker, an elderly professional scout for the New Jersey Force baseball team, happened to almost get knocked down by a ball that Dusty hit! Will Parker was only there that day, by the coincidence that he had boarded the wrong flight, and was completely lost. 

Mr. Parker was nearing retirement, and had previously been thought of as a "failure," since he had never discovered a star player for the New Jersey Force.

The New Jersey Force were known as the team haunted for almost a century, by the legendary "Curse of The Great Brutester!"

Tale of A Baseball Dream evolves into a magical tale which will inspire all young readers!

Joshua's Review (my 6 yr old son):

That WAS the best baseball story ever Joshua’s exact words when we finished the book.

I am like Dusty because I love to play baseball with my mom, dad & my sister. I would love to have a best friend like Randy. I have mixed feelings about “The Brute”. I feel that “The Brute” was mean but also was hurt & that is why he was mean. This does not make it right though.

I loved Dusty’s character and the relationship he had with his daddy. It is sad that Dusty had to go through what he did to find out who he really was (paraphrased by Mom to help with no spoilers).  I took it on the bus and read it a lot. Tonight I finished it with my mom. We read it together. I think all moms and dads should read this book to\with their kids, boys and girls both.

I feel that this book was cool, weird, shocking, a little freaky & awesome. I give this book a 10 (even though mommy said I could only go up to a 5) J

Morgan’s review (my 11 yr old daughter):

I have a few words: “THAT BOOK WAS AMAZING”! (Morgan's exact words at the end of the book)

This book did a very good job of describing Dusty’s enthusiasm of baseball & life.  This was a very inspiring book. I am not a big fan of baseball but my mom & brother got me very curious as they loved this book. I am so glad I read it. You do not have to be a baseball fan or a boy to enjoy this book. There is a wonderful lesson in this story. This was a quick read for me and I was left with a very happy feeling when I was done.

Range of emotions: happy, sad, touched, inspired and a little creeped out.

I, too, give this book a 10 even though mommy only said I could go to a 5 J

My Review: This book is a very quick read but once I started to read, I did not stop until the end. I really truly enjoyed it and think that anyone that has ever loved baseball will enjoy it, no matter what your age. The target age is 8-12 but I think that early readers should be encouraged to read this also, either out loud to a listener or a read along with someone.

Dusty's life journey is so turbulent. Every little boy's dream..playing baseball with this dad. I fell in love with Dusty at all stages of his life. This book is a wonderful example of never giving up no matter what life throws at you. I also think that this story is a great example of how everything in life happens for a reason. (One of my personal all time favorite lessons of life). The ups & downs that Dusty go through are so typical of everyday life. We all have that dream that we never knew we had and did not realize we even wanted it until it happens. This is a feel good story with a slight supernatural twist. Amazingly surprising & so very fun! As with most sport's players, superstitions are a well known tradition. The play on this one makes a great story. 

The Great Brutester had a huge role in this book. He was the good guy & bad guy all at once. His story is a true testiment of being careful of the bridges you burn in life (or whose bridge you burn for that matter). :)

My 6 year old son Joshua actually stole this book from me. He sat down & managed to read almost all the way to chapter 3 without stopping. He fell asleep with the book beside his pillow. The target age is 9-12 on this book but I honestly think this book can appear to all ages & should be shared. There are some aspects & words that Joshua has problems with but he reads out loud to me so we can address them as he gets to them. He loves this book. 

Come back & visit us tomorrow for a special Interview of 'Tale of a Baseball Dream" author Jerry Pearlman!!


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  1. I love Morgan and Joshua's reviews! Reading is such a great escape and I am so glad your kids love it as much as you! I am a big time baseball fan, and I am so curious to read about the "Curse of the Great Brutester"!! It makes me think of the Cubs and all their "curses'! I will definitely have to check this book out at some point!!

  2. Thank you Mandy! I will pass that along to Morgan & Joshua. They had a blast with this. Stay tuned to the blog for a GREAT interview with the Author of this wonderful book and a GREAT give away!!!

  3. Joshua and Morgan gave two of the best reviews I have ever read! Having your children write the review...brillant!! I can not wait to get this book and read it with my 6 yr old.

  4. Thank you Laura! I will be sure to pass this along to my children tonight. They were so excited. Joshua is already asking me what book he can review next!

    Stay tuned tomorrow..don't forget! :)

  5. Thank you Mindy & Books Complete Me!
    I appreciate the excellent review! I agree with Laura, that having Morgan & Joshua also review the book was "brilliant!"
    Best wishes always! Jerry Pearlman

  6. I'm asking this because last, night, I had a dream that Ted Lilly threw a no-hitter and we were there. Also, Anibal Sanchez of the Marlins threw his 2nd career no-hitter on the same day. I know weird. So have you ever had a baseball dream?



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