Sunday, February 27, 2011

Like Mandarin Interview: Grace's Mom

 I have had the extraordinary honor interviewing Grace's mom from the incredible book by Kirsten Hubbard, Like Mandarin. We hope you enjoy it! Also, click the graphic above to follow along with the rest of this great tour with The Teen {Book} Scene.

1. What is your favorite pageant moment with Grace?

Oh! Well, it'd have to be when she took the crown at Little Miss Cowgirl Glitz over in Park County. Her dress was sugar pink with lace, and she had a floppy white bow in her hair -- she looked just like a darling little cupcake!

2. Describe your daughters in three words each.
Taffeta is beautiful. No, exquisite. And spunky. And... talented isn't strong enough. Gifted? Blessed!
Grace! Oh, my Grace. I'd say smart. Very smart. Also stubborn, and... secretive.

3. We know you don't date anyone from town. Can you tell us who you would date if you could?
I couldn't. If there was somebody, I'd be dating him already! I just know all the Washokey men too well. It's like I always say -- you can't date somebody once you know all their stories.

4. What is your favorite shade of Femme Fatale eyeshadow?
What in Carnation! It's a lovely shade of iced pink. There's a matching lipstick, too.

5. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be? And would you leave Washokey for it?
Paris! I think I'd fit right in, don't you? Parisians are such an attractive people. Though perhaps Italy -- Taffeta's really picking up the language! But I don't know about living there... maybe for a bit. A week or two. Three weeks tops. But probably two.

6. Do you have any superstitious rituals that you perform before each pageant?
Sometimes Taffeta and I sing The Star-Spangled Banner together backstage! She's gotten a little shy about it, since it makes all the other mothers stare. But there's nothing shameful in paying respect to America!

7. What do you really think of Grace becoming so close to Mandarin?

Oh dear. Well, I don't like the way it makes all the people in this town talk. They just talk talk talk about anything and everything, especially about what's none of their business. But I can tell Grace is happier, with a friend who's not Polly Bunker's daughter. Now that girl's a bad seed. Anyway, it's a small town -- what kind of trouble can a fourteen-year-old girl get into, anyway?

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