Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kindred by Tammar Stein: Guest Post

You're in charge of a Book of the Month club, what book(s) will we be talking about this month?

Have you already done The Hunger Games? That’s one of my favorite books that have been published recently.

I love The Hunger Games. What did you think about the ending for Mockingjay?

Or do you prefer an older book? The Handmaid’s Tale is another one of my favorites.

I might have to add that one to my To Read list!

Thanks for chatting with us Tammar!


  1. I love the hunger games, read the first two, still have to read the last! But I'm stuck in a rut, maybe you can help me out? Check out my blog here:

    I've read The Handmades Tale, what a awesome book! Fell in love with Atwood right there

  2. Love Love Love all of the Hunger Games books! I know some people didn't like the ending but I thought it was perfect.

  3. We read The Hunger Games for the YA book club I'm in. It seemed to be a favorite with most people.

  4. I loved the Hunger Game series. Mockingjay ended the only way it could end. Any other ending would have been a lie and ruined the series. I was surprised by it but it was the perfect ending for the series.



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