Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Interview with Sean Beaudoin, Author of You Killed Wesley Payne

I had the privilege of interviewing author Sean Beaudoin. His novel, You Killed Wesley Payne releases to today.

BCM: Let's start with the serious stuff first. If you were a type of candy, what would you be and why?

SB: I would be Candy Moldanado, who hit .282 for the San Francisco Giants in 1987. He also had 20 home runs and 85 RBI. Either that, or Pez. It would be great to have your head on springs.

BCM: To which clique at Salt River High would you belong, if any?

SB: I suspect I would be a lot like Dalton Rev, who moves between all the cliques but belongs to none of them. Either that, or I would be a Euclidian, since my book-nerd cred is pretty solid. I probably would have tried really hard to be in Pinker Casket, since I’ve always wanted to be the lead singer of a rock band. Not to mention get the chance to wear neck-to-toe leather and file my teeth into sharp points. Maybe they’d let me play tambourine.

BCM: Do you like to write in silence or with music/tv playing? (If with music/tv what's playing?)

SB: I have an iPod that’s packed to the rim and wails away on shuffle endlessly. I prefer stuff without vocals while writing, so there’s a lot of math rock, jazz, and classical in the mix. But all sorts of rude things pop up, like funk, soul, The Clash, Wavves, The Clash, Sharon Jones, and speed metal.

Writing while watching TV? Impossible. The muse of tripe.

BCM: Seriously, did you kill Wesley Payne?

SB: Please don’t call me Seriously. And the answer is that we all killed Wesley Payne in our own way. If a police officer knocks on your door tomorrow morning, you may not want to answer.

BCM: What's next for you? Are you already working on your next book? Taking a sabbatical or going to Disneyland?

SB: I am getting a well-earned nine hours off, and then we begin production on my next book, which is already done. It’s called Wise Young Truck, and, amazingly enough, is about being in a rock band.

BCM: So, should we ban your book or should we have all our friends buy it and make it a bestseller? Give reasons.

SB: You should immediately ban You Killed Wesley Payne. You should toss it into the street. You should stack it on the horizon like cordwood and douse it with kerosene. You should refuse to admit it exists, decline to type its name, and call on your congressman to begin an investigation. You should pulp, shred, tag, deface, mutilate, spindle, and renounce my book as a traitor, all at top volume.

Actually, you and all your friends buying two copies each would be kinda cool.

BCM: Thanks, Sean, for sharing with us!


You can find out more about Sean Beaudoin and his book You Killed Wesley Payne here.

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  1. This interview is hilarious. I need to pick up this book. :-)



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