Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Glimpse & Glimmer by Stacey Wallace Benefiel Interview & Giveaway!

Wow, that was a long title! LOL but that's right, it's a giveaway and an interview! This is part of a book tour with Teen Book Scene.

So first the interview!

BCM: Have you always wanted to be a writer?

SWB: Yes, either a writer or an actress. I’ve always done both, but I’ve had better luck with the writing. When I become disillusioned with one, I work harder on the other for a while.

BCM: How hard/easy is it to publish yourself?

STB: The hardest part for me was learning how to format the manuscripts for each of the platforms. There are different things you need to do for Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, print, etc. I’m not great with computer stuff, but I learned.

My sister, husband, and a book blogger friend make my covers, which is the aspect of self-publishing that I have zero skills in. I’m lucky they are all talented at this and don’t charge me for their work.

I use beta readers and my best friend for editing/proofreading. At some point I might try a professional editing service, but I’m not quite able to afford that yet. This is definitely not something that any writer should be doing by themselves. You can’t edit yourself, it just doesn’t work. I can, however, take everyone’s suggestions and corrections and implement them myself.

As far as marketing, social media is a great tool for that and you get to interact with fans and other writers on a daily basis.

Self-publishing isn’t really that difficult if you’re brave enough to jump in, learn a few things, and accept that you’ll screw some stuff up, but you can always fix it.

BCM: What are some genres that you like to read?

SWB: I enjoy YA paranormal romance, romance, urban fantasy, horror, chick-lit, humorous essays, memoirs...hmm, maybe it’s best to list what I don’t usually read. I’m not big on epic fantasy, hard sci-fi, or cookbooks.

BCM: How cool is it to see your name in print?!

SWB: It gives me butterflies and makes me want to jump up and down like a crazy person. :) I have never been so stoked to pay my mortgage with money I made in my entire life. Realizing one of my biggest dreams has been wonderful, but there is also pressure to keep at it and get better with each book. Just gotta keep writing and improving!

BCM: What do you do for fun, besides write?

SWB: I direct children’s plays and will start teaching acting workshops this summer, so that’s fun. I also love to go out to eat and go to the movies. My kids and I do a lot of silly dancing and general hanging out. I love to go to the beach and we usually take our first trip for my dad’s birthday in March. I’m really looking forward to that. Of course I read a bunch. Honestly, the thing I do for fun most often is watch TV with my husband after the kids have gone to bed. :) We’re big fans of Fringe and How I Met Your Mother. I also got him hooked on Being Human.

And now for the giveaway! SO here's the deal, Stacey is giving away an ebook set of Glimpse and Glimmer, books 1 and 2 in the Zellie Wells series. Oh, and another winner will be placed in a drawing to win paper-back copies of the books! So I'll be picking two winners! First one for the ebooks and second one for the paperback drawing!

Oh, and the best part? IT'S INTERNATIONAL!

Winner will be drawn using Random.org and the contest will be opened for one week, closing on Feb 22, winners announced on Feb 23.


  1. Thanks for a great giveaway. Great post too! :)

  2. Loved the Interview!!!

    thanks for the chance to win!!

  3. I haven't heard of these yet. They sound really really good though. I would love to win these. Thanks for thegiveaway!

  4. I loved reading Glimpse, look for my review next week!

  5. Great interview! I didn't know you did acting & directed children's theater.

    (Don't enter me for the giveaway, since I already own the books! Thanks!)



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