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Review: The Warrior Heir By Cinda Williams Chima

Review: The Warrior Heir By Cinda Williams Chima
Release Date: 2006
Publisher: Hyperion
Genre: YA Fantasy

The Story: (from Goodreads) Before he knew about the Roses, 16-year-old Jack lived an unremarkable life in the small Ohio town of Trinity. Only the medicine he has to take daily and the thick scar above his heart set him apart from the other high-schoolers. Then one day Jack skips his medicine. Suddenly, he is stronger, fiercer, and more confident than ever before. And it feels great until he loses control of his own strength and nearly kills another player during soccer team tryouts.

Soon, Jack learns the startling truth about himself: He is Weirlind; part of an underground society of magical people who live among us. At the head of this magical society sit the feuding houses of the Red Rose and the White Rose, whose power is determined by playing The Game a magical tournament in which each house sponsors a warrior to fight to the death. The winning house rules the Weir.

As if his bizarre magical heritage isn't enough, Jack finds out that he s not just another member of Weirlind he's one of the last of the warriors at a time when both houses are scouting for a player. Jack s performance on the soccer field has alerted the entire magical community to the fact that he's in Trinity. And until one of the houses is declared Jack's official sponsor, they'll stop at nothing to get Jack to fight for them.

My Review: When I went to the library the other day, I had no intentions of picking up this book. In fact, I never even heard of the Heir trilogy (yes, there are occasions when I realize I live in a weird bubble) . I happened to be in the YA section, and saw this book. As I continued to browse, I noticed that all three books of the trilogy were present, so I thought, "why not?"

The Warrior Heir begins the Heir trilogy, obviously. As I began reading the book, I was surprised that it contained so many elements that I enjoy: a strong background that weaves the storyline through actual historical events, amazing characters, and an excellent plot that has the reader racing through the pages.

This book was fast paced with riveting action scenes, strong historical connections, and interesting twists. There were times I grew impatient with the book, but mostly because I was just dying to find out what would happen next. I really enjoyed this book; in fact, I am very glad I picked up all three books, because I am starting The Wizard Heir as soon as I finish this review.

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  1. This book ... I own it, and left it down at the beach house so I'd have something to read next time I went down. Now, I'm hearing nothing but good things about it and I'm itching to get it back!

    Great review!!

  2. I love the Heir Chronicles :) I had heard about them, but kept postponing reading them for a long time until last summer. Now I'm a big fan of Cinda Williams Chima & I love her Seven Realms series even more! Happy reading!

  3. I loved this book and The Wizard Heir, too! Cinda Williams Chima is an awesome writer. Good plan getting all the books!

  4. Adding another series to my TBR list. How cool is it that you just found it in the YA secion? Our YA section is SERIOUSLY lacking at our local library! I am so glad you enjoyed it & great review!!



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