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Review: Eternal: More Love Stories with Bite edited by P.C. Cast

Eternal: More Love Stories with Bite edited by P.C. Cast
Smart Pop Books
Release Date: November 2, 2010
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance - Anthology

Eternal is the follow up
book to Cast's 2008 anthology Immortal: Love Stories with Bite. From Goodreads:

Eternal: More Love Stories With Bite presents all-new YA stories featuring vampires, the romantic heroes and heroines that still hold the reading public enraptured. A mix of writers from the first anthology and new contributors makes for a fresh new collection with all of the dark romance of its predecessor, and a book that's sure to thrill vampire romance fans old and new. The book includes an original introduction by Cast.

My Review: I enjoy reading anthologies. It gives me a chance to read some of my favorite authors along with authors that I am not familiar with, and might possibly become a fan of. I also like when authors write short stories based on some of their series. It gives the reader a chance to see what else is going on in that world besides just what they read in the series.
P.C. Cast starts out the book with an introduction basically asking, why another vampire book? I thought it was a good well written intro, and brought up many good points. I personally love vampires, so cannot get enough of their stories. However, some people might be tired of reading stories about them. But, as Cast points out, it isn't the character that you should be worried about. It is the story. If the story is good enough, it should not matter whether the character is a vampire or not.

Bloodshed by Claudia Gray: While I am not familiar with Grey or her Evernight series, I had a chance to read her short story in Immortal. This story is almost a follow up to the other story. Except for a bunch of years in between. I was still able to know what happened, and who the characters were. I enjoyed this story, and may even check out Evernight because of it.

Say Yes by Lili St. Crow: This story was ok. Not one of my favorites in the anthology. It seemed a bit predictable to me, and I was not drawn to the characters.

Letters to Romeo by Nancy Holder: I am no
t familiar with anything that Holder writes. When I read the premise for this story, I was intrigued: Romeo as a vampire pining for his Juliet. This was an interesting idea, and I was hoping for it to be fantastic. Unfortunately, it wasn't. It was good, but it could have been better, I think.

The Other Side by Heather Brewer: I am not familiar with Brewer either. But I really liked this story of a girl and her boyfriend, being kidnapped and tortured by monsters. Even if one of the monsters happened to be sympathetic to what the two victims are going through. There is an interesting twist in this story that I didn
't see coming until almost the end.

And, it should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, or has seen any of my reviews, my two favorite stories in the book:

Drama Queen's Last Dance by Rachel Caine: This story is based in Caine's Morganville Vampire world, and is centered around Goth girl Eve, and her vamp boyfriend Michael. A new vampire is in town, and has her sights set on Michael. Eve, only being human, starts to worry that she doesn't measure up, and that there is a possibility that she can lose Michael, no matter how often he tells her that is never going to happen. This was a good look into their relationship as well as other things going on in and around Morganville.

Thief by Jeri Smith-Ready: Thief is a great story introducing us to characters who will make an appearance the next WVMP book. I can't wait to see how they figure into the series.

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