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Review: The Dragon Heir By: Cinda Williams Chima

Review: The Dragon Heir By: Cinda Williams Chima
Release Date: August 12, 2008
Publisher: Hyperion
Genre: YA Fantasy

The Story: (From Goodreads) For centuries, wizards have avoided making war on each other for fear of waking the legendary dragon that sleeps at Raven’s Ghyll. But it is a new age. The patriarch Nicodemus Snowbeard is rapidly failing. The Wizard Houses of the Red and White Rose have united against Claude D’Orsay, Master of Games and keeper of the Dragonhold. D’Orsay and his sadistic son Devereaux seem poised to seize control of all of the magical guilds. But everything changes during a raid on the Ghyll, when the magical stone called the Dragonheart is stolen. It is rumored to be both a deadly weapon and the source of power for all the magical guilds.

In Britain and in Trinity, Jason Haley battles his own demons as he seeks revenge against those who murdered his father. Seph McCauley assumes more and more responsibility as he struggles to keep the Roses at bay. The warriors Jack Swift and Ellen Stephenson train for a battle that they hope never comes, while their Anaweir friends Will and Fitch contribute their technical knowledge to the defense of the Sanctuary.

Over Seph’s objections, the moody and mysterious Madison Moss has gone home to the hills she loves and hates. She sees in the coming battle the destruction of everything she cares about. But it is becoming increasingly clear that Madison may hold the key to the survival of the Sanctuary at Trinity, if the Weirguilds can win her support before she’s found and taken by the other side.

My Review: As soon as I finished The Wizard Heir, I picked up this book, without even pausing. I just could not wait to find out what happened to all the characters I found so intriguing.

The magical guilds are at war. The wizards want to maintain the control they've had for centuries, but the other guilds do not want to give up what little influence they gained from the conclusion of the last Game (occurred in The Warrior Heir). Jason has discovered some powerful objects in Raven's Ghyll, one of which could destroy them all.

As the story unfolds, there are surprising twists and turns around every corner. In The Dragon Heir we discover the truth behind all the guild myths including how the guilds received their powers. There's even a surprise about a beloved character, Nick Snowbeard. This was an awesome read, but I feel I should offer a warning (without too much of a spoiler): Chima's descriptions in the "last" battle could leave you aggravated and sad, because as with any war, there are losses on both sides.

My Rating:
Rarely do I give every book in a series the same rating, but this once certainly deserved it...


  1. Yeah, I know! I was so sad about you-know-who :( "It" (won't say she or he) was one of my favorite characters, but I still loved the series & I recommend it to everyone who loves fantasy.

  2. I don't know if you know, but Chima had signed for 2 more books which will probably be titled: The Enchanter Heir & The Sorcerer Heir. I don't know if they'll be with the same characters & probably they'll be published in a few years. She'll finish first The Seven Realms series (2 out, 2 more to go) & I love this series even more ;)

  3. Aleksandra: I really need to read The Seven Realms series. And I saw on Goodreads about the possibility of 2 more books. I'm not sure how I feel about that. It seems like it would be awesome, but it also seems odd...



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