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Review: Big Girl Small By: Rachel DeWoskin

Review: Big Girl Small By: Rachel DeWoskin
Release Date: March 29, 2011
Genre: YA Fiction

The Story:(from Goodreads) Judy Lohden is your above-average sixteen-year-old—sarcastic and vulnerable, talented and uncertain, full of big dreams for a big future. With a singing voice that can shake an auditorium, she should be the star of Darcy Academy, the local performing arts high school. So why is a girl this promising hiding out in a seedy motel room on the edge of town?
The fact that the national media is on her trail after a controversy that might bring down the whole school could have something to do with it. And that scandal has something—but not everything—to do with the fact that Judy is three feet nine inches tall.
Rachel DeWoskin remembers everything about high school: the auditions (painful), the parents (hovering), the dissection projects (compelling), the friends (outcasts), the boys (crushable), and the girls (complicated), and she lays it all out with a wit and wistfulness that is half Holden Caulfield, half Lee Fiora, Prep’s ironic heroine. Big Girl Small is a scathingly funny and moving book about dreams and reality, at once light on its feet and unwaveringly serious.

My Review: Big Girl Small was a very different kind of book than my norm. The story is narrated by the main character, Judy Lohden. Judy is both your typical teenager and your not so typical teenager. Typical because she goes through much of the "typical" teenaged-angst; she's not typical because she is three foot nine inches tall. Much of the story is told as Judy is hiding out in a motel room, trying to figure out what she should do.
I was a little surprised by this book. It does deal with many salient issues that teenagers are facing. It is bold, funny, and heartbreaking. For the most part, I enjoyed the story itself. There were times where I had difficulty following the narration. And, I found myself frustrated at a few points in the book. Overwhelmingly, the best part of the book was that it was a very believable story, which I always find endearing.
Big Girl Small is a little more on the dark side, with the humor and with the issues involved. For those who do not like to read books with rampant sarcasm, scathing humor, and/or "strong" language, I would not recommend this book for you. For those who enjoy the things I just mentioned (which I often do), give this book a try. It was an interesting read.

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