Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Interview: Jacquelyn Wheeler

Thanks to The Teen {Book} Scene I had the opportunity to interview Jacquelyn Wheeler. I hope you enjoy the interview and be sure to check out the rest of the tour by clicking on the tour graphic above.

BCM: Where do you find inspiration?

JW: In everything around me--things I hear on the news, conversations I overhear on the train, and especially stories of everyday people acting courageously and being heroes. I love the constant reminders that you don't have to have special powers to be a superhero.

BCM: Where do you like to volunteer?

JW: Lately, most of my volunteer work has been doing massage therapy for refugees. It's incredibly powerful work to help people get out of pain and feel comfortable in their own skin again after the unbelievable horrors they've endured.

BCM: Which charity is closest to your heart?

JW: It's hard to choose one (I list eleven of my favorite charities on the Missions page on the Soterians web site), but I think it would have to be a toss-up between Doctors Without Borders and Direct Relief, both of which provide medical care to people all over the world, especially those in dangerous areas.

BCM: What is one of your goals for the New Year?

JW: My ongoing goal is to learn to let go of fear. I think every negative thing we do stems from fear of one sort or another. Even if your life and survival aren't at stake, there are more subtle fears like not being good enough (and therefore not being worthy of love). I think we all grapple with that one way more often that we realize.

BCM: What is your type, of Soterian that is?

JW: I love that question, because I feel like I'm definitely a blend of all of them, so I'd consider myself an Alchemist. But if I had to choose a primary type, it would be a Scout followed closely by an Empath. I love doing research and looking for clues, and I had unusually good hearing and vision when I was younger. But I am also very sensitive to other people's emotions, and I love the healing arts--I really wanted to be a doctor, but med school just never seemed to fit into my schedule.

Thanks so much to both Jacquelyn and The Teen {Book} Scene for this great tour!

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