Saturday, January 1, 2011

Interview: Island Sting

Angelo (from Island Sting) was kind enough to grant us an interview!!

What did you think of Kenzie when you first saw her in the canal holding onto the deer?
I figured she had to be a stupid tourist. One, because I didn’t recognize her. And two, because she didn’t have a clue she’d saved a deer. Thought it was a dog because it had a collar on it. How could anyone be so dumb? All she had to do was look at it. But no. She wouldn’t even open her eyes. They’re burning, she said, I’ll go blind. Gotta admit though, it took guts for her to go in after that little deer.

Why are you boys hard to understand?!
Huh? *Shrugs his shoulders.* What’s to understand?

How did you know that one of Jigs and Robin's puppies was returned to Fisher?
Actually, the puppy was returned to Father Murphy. Jigs had stayed with Father until her puppies were adopted. No way they could have stayed on The Bard, especially with Fisher away from his houseboat so much. Father Murphy contacted Dad to see if we’d take it, but Dad wouldn’t go for it. Said the fish house takes up all our time. I figured Kenzie needed a puppy, so I told Father Murphy and he called Ms. Ryan.

Do you have feelings for Kenzie?
Yeah, she makes me nuts. If she were a guy, I’d would have punched her a dozen times by now. She just moved here and thinks she knows more than I do about everything. And she’s always trying to get into my head. I don’t know what she’s talking about half the time. She does really stupid things. The girl’s an accident waiting to happen. She won’t listen to me, but I guess I’ll keep saving her butt until she learns her way around.

What happened to your mom?
She died. Everyone knows that. *Shoots interviewer an angry look.* I don’t want to talk about it. Not yet. Maybe one day.

Will we see more of you in the next book?
Hey, if I wasn’t, who’d keep Kenzie from getting into deep doo doo?

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