Friday, January 28, 2011

Guest Post with Eilis O'Neal

I am so excited to have the Eilis O'Neal, the author of The False Princess, here with us today for this fun guest post. I have forced her to choose only FIVE books for a trip. Can you imagine? 

Here is her topic: You are going away for an unspecified length of time and can only take 5 books with you. 3 can be previously released but 2 must be upcoming books you've never read. What books would you choose and why? How do your choices help us get to know you better?

Eilis's Response: Just looking at this guest post topic makes my stomach clench a little bit. After all, when packing for trips, I'm a person who thinks Surely I can wear that sweater three times in a week if I'm getting concerned that I won't have enough room for books. I've actually had nightmares about finishing my last book on a plane over the Atlantic and having nothing to read for seven hours. But, if forced by dire circumstances to chose just five books to take on a trip, I think I would have to go with these.
The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien. I would pack my omnibus edition, which I'm going to say isn't cheating, because it's all bound together and Tolkien really did consider it one book. I love The Lord of the Rings. In fact, I think I'm legally obligated to, because my middle name is Arwen.  Before I was old enough to actually read the story, my dad used to tell it to me—sort of LOTR Highlights Edition. As an adult, I appreciate everything about the books, but especially Tolkien's worldbuilding, which is still the gold standard for fantasy.
The Once and Future King by T. H. White. I love the Arthurian legends, and when I think about the various versions of the story, this is where my brain starts. The Once and Future King is so densely packed, with everything from laugh out loud moments during Wart's childhood to parts that make my cry no matter how many times I've read it. And it's one of those books that grows with you, so that I'm still getting new insights from it whenever I re-read it.
The Dark Is Rising by Susan Cooper. This choice might be influenced by the fact that I've recently gotten a yen to re-read this series. (I'm not going to cheat on this one, though, and say that I'd bring my omnibus. I'll stick with just this book.) I read Susan's Cooper's The Dark Is Rising series for the first time when I was thirteen, and by the time I was fifteen I think I'd read it about four more times. As an Anglophile, I love the Englishness of these books. And when you combine that with the age-old battle of Dark vs. Light, you have something right up my alley.
So those are books that I already know and love that I would take with me. As for two upcoming books I haven't read, I think I'd choose these.
The sequel to Robin McKinley's Pegasus. I nearly had a fainting fit when I realized the sequel to Pegasus won't be out until 2012. I mean, gah! Why my angst? Because I loved Pegasus, with it's plucky princess Sylvi and her pegasus best friend, Ebon, and the innovative world McKinley created for them.  Because it was one of McKinley's best books, and it ended on a terrible cliffhanger. Because I've had athing about unicorns and pegasi since I was three. (Seriously, picture anything sparkly, multicolored and unicorn-related and it ended up in my childhood room. I have better taste now, though. Really. There are fewer sparkles.) 
Huntress by Malindo Lo. I really loved Lo's debut novel, Ash, for a lot of reasons. I enjoyed the flavor of the book, both the fairy-tale retelling aspects and new world Lo built. I liked that it portrayed two girls falling in love no fanfare aside from that of two people learning that they love each. Ash also has a quietness to it that I really appreciated on the first reading it felt like a comfy sweater. So I can't wait to read Huntress, which takes place in the same world many years before Ash.

Thank you so much for humoring me with this guest post, Eilis! 

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  1. Awesome topic, and I am totally impressed with Ms. O'Neal's list - as expected since the book pile on her website is quite as impressive :)

    I have always wanted to read The Once And Future King, but never got around to it. And I haven't read Pegasus yet - but will probably wait til closer to 2012 apparently!

    Great question!



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