Thursday, December 16, 2010

Introducing Fire & Ice: Our Newest Affiliate!

After working together during BIR2010, I realized that Heather and I get along quite well and as I've been reading her blog for ages, I just knew we'd make great affiliates. So here we are, welcoming our newest affiliate to BCM. We are so happy! 

One of the great things about her blog, Fire and Ice, is that she doesn't just review books; she reviews music, jewelry and some other really great things. Plus, she's quite talented jewelry maker and photographer herself. Here is a little more about Fire and Ice:

Fire and Ice is a blog that reviews and highlights books, as well as photography and jewelry, and music mainly from YA and LDS fiction. If you are an author or a publisher we invite you to contact us for interviews, books for review, and contests to help you promote your book. Artists and crafters we would be happy to highlight your products on our site!

Please join us in giving Fire and Ice a warm welcome here at BCM! 
Check out Fire and Ice by clicking HERE.
Want to check our her Etsy shop? Click HERE.

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  1. YAY! Thank you for the nice post. So glad we are affiliated :)



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