Wednesday, December 15, 2010

#BIR2010 Reminders & Finishing Touches

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel toward the bloggers that helped make Best I've Read 2010 all that it could be. I am blown away by the way that 9 blogs could come together, work together and pull off an event of this size with no friction, and as little stress as you could possibly imagine. I feel blessed to have had them all participate in this event with me and cannot wait to do it again next year. You ladies are amazing. Thank you!

The event is now officially over but you still have until tonight at midnight to enter all of the giveaways on each blog. Here are the links to help you find them all: 

Most of the blogs have a page set aside where you can find the full list of their giveaways to be sure you haven't missed any of them.

There is a Grand Prize Giveaway package here on BCM that you can find on our Current Contests & Giveaways page as well as the rest of our giveaways for BIR2010. 

There is also a HUGE Grand Prize Package at the official BIR2010 site, which you can find HERE. Along with that grand prize, there are also two Grand Prize Packages for our international followers. You can find those packages HERE

A huge thank you goes out to each of our followers for making this event so much fun. We had a blast reading all of your comments and hope that you have enjoyed the event as much as we have!

Now I would like to extend the biggest thanks possible to each and every one of the amazing authors and publishers that made Best I've Read 2010 possible. Without you, none of this would have been as wonderful as it has been and I am eternally grateful to you for all you have done. THANK YOU!


  1. I have to say I've confused myself completely filling out these forms and you've probably got double and triple forms from me. But you are right in saying the authors and publisheres have been hugely generous and it's wonderful that this is an international giveaway because so many times they get left out.

    I'm not international, but have seen the costs for shipping and it's outrageous. Just doing one contest by myself can be overwhelming so that all of you together doing this must have been difficult. Job well done. I know I haven't made it easy. I've had chaos at home which causes chaos in my brain. I thought writing it down would help, but only if you can find the piece of paper!

    Happy Holiday!
    Heather R.

  2. No worries about your double entries, Heather. We'll fix that when we draw the winner's names.

    Thank you so much for joining us for the event!

  3. Thanks so much for the chance to win some great books. It's been fun!

  4. It has been a fun giveaway!!


  5. Thank you everyone! This has been awesome to participate in and read all the great interviews with these wonderful authors.

  6. This was a huge event! Thanks for the fun and for your amazing job!

  7. You all did an amazing job of organizing this giveaway. I don't know how you did it, but my hat's off to you all.
    Lisa ~ YA Literature Lover

  8. Mary D

    Thank God I wasn't the only one who is worried that they may have gotten confused and accidentally duplicated form entries LOL! With a shared family pc, I had to enter haphazardly then would get lost as to where I had/hadn't been hahaha

    Anyway, this has been so much fun - I wish I'd had the time to comment more, but at least here I can say how very, very much these wonderful giveaways are appreciated (even if I don't win!). I imagine tons of hard work went into putting BIR2010 together, and I've enjoyed every minute of it!

    Hugs & Happy Holidays to all of you terrific bloggers - may Santa drop off oodles of *book love* for each of you! :D

  9. This was so much fun! Thank you for the awesome event and all the interviews and giveaways!!



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