Sunday, December 12, 2010

#BIR2010 - Interview with Angie Frazier, Author of Everlasting

Everlasting definitely made our best list for 2010 and we are so excited to have Angie here again at BCM. We hope you enjoy the interview and make sure you check our Grand Prize Package for a chance to win Everlasting, along with 10 other amazing reads of this year. 

Our Interview:

BCM: Can you tell us what your current word count is for NaNoWriMo? 

AF: I’m afraid I stalled out at 11K before needing to concentrate on a few synopses. But I hope to get back into the WIP soon!

BCM: You've mentioned that romantic scenes are your hardest to write. What do you do to help yourself get past this?

AF: I read all the romance I can get my hands on. Everything from regency romance novels to YA novels with great romantic plot lines. I learn from the romance that did work for me, as well as what didn’t work. And then I just practice, practice, practice!
BCM: Can you share with us a little bit of what to expect in "Everlasting Book #2?" 

AF: Yes! First off, the official title is The Eternal Sea, and it’s releasing June 1, 2011—exactly one year after Everlasting’s release! This second book dives deeper into the fantastical elements of the story, there’s more danger and intrigue, and I’ve had a lot of fun with new characters, and most importantly, a love triangle!

BCM: What is your favorite thing about Oscar? 

AF: Other than his muscles? (grin) I love his loyalty and selfless dedication to Camille. He just loves her so much, and I think every girl wants to be loved that way.

BCM: What is your best read of 2010? 

Thank you so much, Angie for the fun interview! 


  1. Loved the interview and can't wait to read Everlasting!

  2. Awesome! Can't wait to read The Eternal Sea

  3. EVERLASTING is an AMAZING book. Angie Frazier is WONDERFUL. I loved this book so much. I cannot wait for THE ETERNAL SEA! Def MUST READS!!!

  4. Great interview... but what's Angie's answer to the last question? I'd love to know her best read of 2010! Thanks .:)

  5. Uh oh! My last answer was left off! Did I even answer it, Cindy? Can't recall...BUT I would say my fave read for 2010 oddly wasn't a YA novel, but an Avon Romance by my current writer hero Sarah MacLean, NINE RULES TO BREAK WHEN ROMANCING A RAKE! :-))



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