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#BIR2010 - Interview & Guest Post with Kate Kaynak

If you didn't know already, all of us here at BCM are huge, huge, huge fans of Kate Kaynak and her Ganzfield series. The books are SO much fun and we just love Kate to pieces. So, of course we asked her to join us in this Best I've Read event. 
Not only is she doing a character interview of Trevor with us (YAY!), she is also doing a guest post on Soulmating. We hope you love it! And what's even better is that we are offering you a chance to win ANY of her Ganzfield novels in our Grand Prize package, which will be posted tomorrow. 

Info on her books: 
Minder by Kate Kaynak
Released: June 18, 2010

Book Summary (from Spencer Hill): Sixteen-year-old Maddie Dunn is special, but she needs to figure out how to use her new abilities before somebody else gets hurt. Ganzfield is a secret training facility full of people like her, but it's not exactly a nurturing place.
Every social interaction carries the threat of mind-control. 
A stray thought can burn a building to the ground. 
And people's nightmares don't always stay in their own heads. 
But it's still better than New Jersey. 
Especially once she meets the man of her dreams...
Adversary by Kate Kaynak
Released: August 20, 2010 

Book Summary (from Spencer Hill): Things are more dangerous than they seem at Ganzfield, and not everyone will survive. Does Maddie have what it takes?
See what happens next in the sequel to Minder.

Legacy by Kate Kaynak
Release Date: January 28, 2011

Book Summary (from Spencer Hill): Maddie has more problems than the average seventeen-year-old: 

A psychotic killer with superpowers wants her dead. 

A serious medical issue makes a "normal life" impossible.

And she's about to be introduced to Trevor's family. 

Guess which one freaks her out the most?

Learn more about Kate and her books through these sites: 

Spencer Hill Press:

We'll start off with our interview with Trevor first and the guest post follows below:

So Trevor-

1. What is your most embarrassing moment that was caused by your gift?

Oh, man--you don't start out with something easy to talk about, do you? Well, before I came to Ganzfield, it was like I was a super-klutz. I knocked things over without even touching them. Probably the worst was…oh, I know. I was at a University thing with my grandparents when I was ten--one of those fancy events for alums and donors and stuff. They had a special cake with blue icing and the Michigan logo on it and…well, the cake table suddenly tipped and the cake slid into the lap of a lady with a fancy kinda-off white dress. Well, after the blue icing hit it, it was WAY more OFF than white. People made jokes about how the ghost of Ohio State had come for revenge.

2. What is the best part of your ability?

Okay, it's kinda cool to be able to unlock doors from the outside. I can just reach through and twist the handle. And I really like that I can--is it bragging to say this?--I like that I have a skill that can help the team. We've been training as a group for a while now, and I…well, it's really cool to be able to move people over walls or shield them if bad guys pull a weapon or something.

3.  How come you never told anyone that you didn't have any heat in that old church?

Honestly? After Dean got hurt--you know I accidentally threw my roommate across the dorm room, right?--well, after that, I just needed…it was better for me to be away from other people. And I didn't want to bother anyone about it. Even though Dean was okay, I…well, it was kinda like I didn't deserve to be too comfortable, you know? 

4. How cool is it, being able to drive while also holding on to Maddie?


5. What is it like being able to know what Maddie is thinking?

It's--wow. There's this quote, I dunno where it's from, about being with someone who knows what makes me happy without me having to say a word. That's what it's like. Since she can project thoughts to me and all, I can--she makes me feel like I'm this incredible person instead of an awkward dork. She's so vibrant and amazing and…and we just make each other…whole.

6. Oh, and since we read that you were under control of the charms, what is it like?

It's…creepy. Sometimes they used mind-control to make us do stuff…like get them their lunch or something. That was just…demoralizing, like being bullied. We knew what they were doing, and most of the time we just thought, "I hope that's all they make me do." Other times--when they'd tell us how to FEEL, like, "You don't like your girlfriend anymore," that…that was just--it makes my skin crawl just remembering.  It's like sometimes they just charmed our minds…but other times they took control of our souls.

No one's ever wanted to interview me before. Thanks for asking.

Guest Post: 


There comes a time in every telepath's life when she'll feel the urge to connect with someone as pure energy. This is normal.

Okay, maybe it's not normal. But, for dodecamine-enhanced telepaths, a.k.a. "minders," being attracted to someone isn't just physical. When minders fall in love, it's a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and the connection between them starts as an almost-magnetic pull and then builds as they come together as a flash of silver-white energy. There's some debate among minders about whether there's only one perfect soulmate for each person or if it's a matter of finding one of many possible candidates and picking him or her. Either way, once they've made the connection, it's for keeps…and it's awesome.

Sure, there's a strong sensual sense to it, but it's not about sex. It's…distilled essence of intimacy. Minders and their soulmates give each other a sense of peace--of being complete. Most people go through life as lonely little sparks of energy trapped inside cages of meat. Soulmates make connections on a transcendent level--leaving the meat-cages behind.

There's a story in the Bible (Luke 20:34, if you like to know these things) of a woman who was widowed and remarried seven times. The question was: whose wife is she in heaven? The answer was that in heaven, people are like the angels. It's about pure love, not physical attraction. So, in a way, soulmating is a little bit of heaven on earth.

Oh, and as Maddie and Trevor find out, soulmating does some…interesting things to their neural structures. Too bad no one ever warned them about those in health class.

Copyright © 2010 by Kate Kaynak

Kate Kaynak is the author of the Ganzfield series (Minder, Adversary, and Legacy). She was born and raised in New Jersey, but she managed to escape. After attending Yale as an undergrad and earning a Ph.D. in psychology, she taught around the world for University of Maryland. She moved back to the U.S. two years ago and currently lives in New Hampshire with her husband and three children. She blogs as the Disgruntled Bear and has lots of fun, book-related stuff at 


  1. Great interview with Trevor, and I love the soulmating post!
    I especially love, as an Ohio girl, born and raised, the fiasco at the University of Michigan function. Go Bucks! LOL

  2. Oh Trevor...I kinda love you.

    Thanks for stopping by Kate. That guest post about soulmating is quite interesting for the Ganzfield world. Now I really want to read the rest of the series!

  3. I have seen these covers but didn't know what they were about so this is a nice post to have.

  4. Trevor! Thank you so much for stopping by! That was great. i love character interviews. Can we chat again with Trevor and the rest of the crew soon? PLEASE? know I love you and your incredible mind!!! Thanks for stopping by!! (total fangirl betcha)!!



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