Friday, November 19, 2010

Review: Seduction in Memory Grove Series By: Melissa Ecker

Seduction in Memory Grove Series
(3 Novellas)
By: Melissa Ecker
Genre: Erotica
Publisher: LazyDay Publishing
Release Date: December 1, 2010

Pull the Trigger

The Story: Rebecca Harper is making a clean break. The ink is dry on her divorce decree and her dream job has finally come to fruition. In two weeks, she will be on a plane to St. Louis. All her plans are set until sexy cop Justin Cain, her former high school crush, asks her to dinner.

This one night out instigates a roller coaster ride of hot sex, serious soul searching and heart breaking decisions. Will Rebecca leave Justin behind to follow her dreams? Or will his love be enough to keep her in Memory Grove?

Mount Up

The Story: Dr. Natalie Shea doesn't want to be attracted to the rugged but affable cowboy who ends up under her care after a rodeo injury. But when a second fateful accident has their paths crossing again, there is no denying the synergy, both in and out of the bedroom.

Luke Reilly is everything she never expected. He's captured her body, but her heart won't be won that easily. Can Luke break down the walls built by a childhood tragedy and set Natalie free to love him forever? Or will she walk away from him and Memory Grove without looking back?

Feed the Fire

The Story: After eight years, Olivia Andrews returns to Memory Grove for her best friend's wedding. She has no intention of becoming involved with sexy fireman, Cade Reilly, but once she finds herself in his bed, there is no turning back.

Their casual affair is suddenly complicated when an unexpected visitor shows up on Cade's doorstep and the demons that Olivia left behind come calling. Will their new found love overcome the obstacles created by their yesterdays or will those revelations drive a wedge between them forever?

My Review: This review is a little different; books are usually reviewed individually, but I decided these novellas were suited for a collective review. All three novellas will be released at the same time, so it simply made sense to put them together.

Each novella in this series has characters that are very believable, which I like. It was easy to relate to the heroines of the stories; and the heroes were! I loved the story lines; however, I felt a little cheated by the brevity of the stories. The struggles that each character faced were believable, but the resolutions were a little to quick to be believable (which I have found to be a common problem with novellas). I would have liked to see the characters develop a little more. I felt like they made a leap from disaster to "happy ending" a little faster than was believable.

All in all, though, I liked these books. I found the writing to be delightful to read and each is quite steamy. The series can easily be described in three words: hot, Hot, HOT! I hope to read more from Melissa Ecker; and hopefully the works will be a little longer! If you are looking for a quick, steamy read, I definitely recommend reading the Seduction in Memory Grove Series.

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