Monday, November 29, 2010

Review: Scourge by: David H. Burton

Review: Scourge by: David H. Burton
Genre: Middle Grades (ages 9-12) Fantasy, Steampunk
Publisher: David H. Burton
Release Date: November 29, 2010

The Story: (from Goodreads) Two dads, five siblings, and goggles! Grim Doyle has always known his life was not exactly "normal", and things gets even more curious when he discovers a set of stones that sweep him and his family to the fantasy, steampunk world of Verne - a place they had escaped from years ago. Now that they've returned, Grim and his siblings hide from the evil Lord Victor and his minions. And while learning about Jinns, Mystics, and the power of absinth they try to discover who is trying to kill them with the deadly Scourge.

My Review: Typically, I'm not the BCM team member who reviews middle grades books; however, when I read the synopsis of this book, I was instantly intrigued. That little spark of interest was very well rewarded!

Young Grim Dolye has a rather sullen life. He has no friends to speak of, he lives in a home with his siblings, two dads, and his aunt. One day, while hiding from his domineering aunt, he accidentally discovers an alternate universe called Verne. He soon discovers that Verne is actually his home, and that he, his dads, aunt, and siblings had escaped years before. The time has come to return but the circumstances are rather dire.

Grim has a few adventures and misadventures in the world of Verne, but it is not long before there is great danger. People are getting sick, including some of his family members. First, it is necessary to discover what this mysterious illness is; then it is up to Grim to find the cure before he loses his family to the disease. Will he be able to find the answers in time?

I found this book to be immensely fun to read. I usually become bored with books written for this age group, but this one was an awesome read. I found myself laughing; and, more often than not, I was biting my nails as I raced through the pages to find out what would happen next. Another aspect that I love about the book is the non-traditional family. I, for one, come from a family that is far from traditional, and I was delighted to see the particular family unit that Burton created in Scourge.

I felt that an alternate universe operated by absinth was rather amusing (not to mention some well-placed references within the story that had me nearly rolling in the floor with laughter). I found Burton's ever so-slightly dark-edged humor entertaining; and, I felt that Scourge was a great diversion from the norm. I recommend this for anyone who loves to read a good adventure!

Check out the book trailer here and return tomorrow to read an interview with David H. Burton!

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  1. Ha, all I saw was BLIMP and steampunkery, and that is enough to get my curiosity going! It sounds like you got a good kick out of this book - and I'm probably going to check it out too! I love that they come from "Verne" - love the author reference, if it is one.



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