Saturday, November 13, 2010

Author Interview with Albert Borris & Crash Into Me Giveaway

As part of the Crash Into Me blog tour with The Teen Book Scene, I was able to interview author Albert Borris. I am so excited to have him here on BCM because I loved his book and hope that you will too. If you haven't already read my review, you can go HERE. I hope you enjoy the interview and stay tuned below for a chance to win a copy of his book, Crash Into Me.

BCM: Crash Into Me is a dark novel about four teens who bond over their desire to commit suicide. How have your experiences as a counselor influenced your writing for this novel?
AB: Of course, my work as a counselor undercut the book by half a month. Sadly, I have known good people who killed themselves when I was a counselor.  Good Lord, I wish I were there for that…I might have been able to talk them out of it.
BCM: Have you had any teens (or anyone else) contact you saying Crash Into Me has helped them in some way?
AB: Sure. Check out my website,, and go to the Guestbook. There you will see many people who have been helped by the book.
BCM: Crash Into Me is an emotional read and I can only imagine that writing it would be even harder. What was the most difficult part of Crash Into Me for you to write?
AB: The hardest things to write were Owen and the dog. It reminds me of myself; I was sure it would be me. It hurt very much to write.
BCM: You've always written in some form, first poetry and novels, is there one you enjoy most?
AB: No, no, no. Crash into Me is my sixth novel. So, I enjoy novels very much. It would be hard for me to put that down.
BCM: What can we expect from you next?
AB: My next book is TAG/The Anarchy Game. It’s about two people, young people, who are graduating from High School. There is a school shooting. Will they make it out or won’t they? Stay tuned…
BCM: Are any of the characters in Crash Into Me based on real life people?
AB: 10 % of Frank, Audrey and Jin-Ae were based on very real people. Suicidal people. The families were based on real folks, too. But 90% was of them is fiction.
BCM: What advice can you offer to teens who may be considering suicide? Who can they go to for help?
AB: They are places they can go for help. Call 800-999-9999, a voluntary, safe and confidential helpline.
Thank you so much for the interview Albert and to The Teen Book Scene for setting up this great tour! 
Now for the GIVEAWAY! 

You can win a copy of Albert Borris' Crash Into Me. Just fill out the form below. Giveaway ends on Sunday, November 21st at midnight eastern. 

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