Saturday, November 20, 2010

2011 Debut Author Challenge!

I am so excited to be participating in the 2011 Debut Author Challenge that is hosted by The Story Siren. I read so much about this over the past few months and decided this year I'm going to join in on all the fun.

The goal is to read AT LEAST 12 young adult (YA) or middle grade (MG) books from authors that are debuting in 2011. I can totally do this and can't wait to get started!

As always, Kristie makes blogging more fun, so if you haven't already checked out her blog (who hasn't?) then you should do so now!

Here is the list of the first 12 books I'm hoping to read for the challenge (not including the many more I hope to add to this list!):

  1. Angelfire by Courtney Moulton
  2. Unearthly by Cynthia Hand
  3. Darkness Becomes Her by Kelly Keaton (I already have this one - now I just need to be patient for January to roll around!)
  4. Clarity by Kim Harrington
  5. Flawless by Lara Chapman
  6. Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts
  7. Divergent  by Veronnica Roth
  8. Die for Me by Amy Plum
  9. I'll Be There by Holly Goldberg Sloan
  10. Blood Magic by Tessa Graton
  11. Wither by Lauren DeStefano
  12. Like Mandarin by Kristen Hubbard

If you'd like to join in all on the debut author fun - just click HERE. Happy Reading!


  1. thanks so much for joining the challenge! should be fun! and you've got a great list! happy reading and good luck!



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