Saturday, October 23, 2010

Review: Freefall by Anna Levine

Freefall by Anna Levine
Release Date: 9/01/2008
Publisher: Greenwillow/HarperCollins
Genre: Young Adult

The Story: Aggie is eighteen and getting ready to do her service for the Israeli army.

She could get a cushy assignment—maybe pushing paper somewhere—or she could just take her chances. Only, Aggie isn’t like that. Despite her small size and the fact that she needs to gain weight to even make the grade, and despite the total disbelief of her entire family Aggie is trying out for an elite combat unit.

Luckily for Aggie her back-breaking, sand-in-mouth, completely-lost-in-the-desert training produces an unlikely dividend: friends. The kind she never imagined she could have. The kind you’d go to war with—and for.

My Review: This was a cute story about figuring yourself out. Aggie wants to prove herself to her family, and to her friends. She goes for the hardest military duty a young girl can think of. Her best friend's older brother believes in her, and Aggie starts to realize that she liks him as well. The writing in this story was a little disjointed, but it was still an enthralling story. There's very little politics in it, which makes this a story that could be set in any war-torn country.

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