Friday, October 22, 2010

Guest Post with Anna Levine author of Freefall

I was able to read Freefall by Anna Levine- look for my review tomorrow! She agreed to do a guest post with us!!

Choosing a setting-places you know…or places I want to know more about? Freefall begins in Jerusalem on a Thursday night when the town is crowded with people on the streets, in the coffee shops, restaurants and bars. If you live in Jerusalem, you quickly learn to love the city with all its quirky neighborhoods. A few nights ago I was downtown and walked by central park (Independence Park) and saw that there was a screening of the movie The Big Lebowski. It was like going to a drive-in theater but everyone had wandered into the park on foot and we were all sprawled on the grass watching the movie – total strangers just sitting together and sharing sunflower seeds (the Israeli equivalent of popcorn). Jerusalem is just like that. It’s always ready to surprise you.

I love setting my stories in Israel because it gives me a chance to discover different areas. I’ve crawled into underground caves for a story that was connected to an archeological theme, and I biked through the desert for another story. Looking for the right place for Noah’s house I wandered in and out of a lot of the older Jerusalem neighborhoods and when I told people what I was doing they invited me into their houses to look around and made sure I didn’t leave without having a cup of coffee and something sweet.

Thanks Anna!!

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  1. Awesome guest post! I kinda want to go to Jerusalem now ;)



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