Friday, October 8, 2010

Author Interview with Michele Corriel

We were able to interview Michele Corriel, author of Fairview Felines, as part of the Teen Book Scene blog tour. If you haven't yet read my review of Fairview Felines you can do that HERE. We hope you enjoy the interview as much as we did!

BCM: Have you always wanted to be a writer?

MC: In a word YES! Every since I learned how to write I put together little books, stapled them, drew pictures, and created characters. All I ever wanted to do was write, except for that one year in the third grade, when I wanted to be a child psychologist.

BCM: How are you able to get inside and write from an 8th grade boy’s perspective?

MC: Okay, this is a big secret, so don’t tell anyone: I actually have an 8th grade boy’s voice constantly running around in my head. I think I’m inspired by my husband who never really got an older than 12 (mentally), but seriously, Thomas is a mixture of my love and enthusiasm for newspapers and my own inner boy.

BCM: Does your family help out with your writing?

MC: I’m not sure if “help” is the right word. They leave me alone when I ask to be left alone, so that’s huge. They are supportive of me when I need to travel. And I think they were happier for me when I sold this book than I was for myself. (Probably because they were getting tired of watching my meltdowns, whenever I’d get another rejection letter.)

BCM: What would you say to budding writers?

MC: READ. READ. READ. And after you’ve read everything in your own genre, read everything else. All kidding aside, nothing can take the place of reading. If you want to write, you have to read.

The next step is WRITE. WRITE. WRITE. It takes a lot of writing to get all the kinks ironed out in your work. Once you have your writing down and you have a writing routine down, join a writer’s group. I would be lost without my writer’s group. Completely and utterly lost. They are there to pick up the pieces and they’re there to help you celebrate.

BCM: What was you favorite part about putting together FAIRVIEW FELINES: A NEWSPAPER MYSTERY?

MC: I think my favorite part was working with my editor because she was as close to the characters and the book as I was and understood what I was trying to say. It was flattering and humbling at the same time.

BCM: What authors do you like to read?

MC: I read all the time. I read everything from John McPhee to JK Rowling. Right now I’m reading Mockingjay, the third book in the Hunger Games series. But I have a huge pile next to my bed and it never gets smaller. I’m also reading all the books by the Class of 2K10 authors and that’s a lot of fun because we’re sending around ARC (Advanced Reading Copies) and leaving comments inside of them.

BCM: Besides writing, what else do you do with your time?

MC: You mean there are other things to do besides writing (and reading)? Actually, I love to cook. My daughter and I have Chopped Challenges in the kitchen, where you give the person three mystery ingredients and you have to come up with either an appetizer, an entrĂ©e or a dessert, using those ingredients (like the television show). I’m always experimenting in the kitchen. But I also like to hike, golf, visit art galleries and go to the movies. I’m a huge fan of the movies and I think I’m addicted to Netflix.

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