Sunday, September 12, 2010

Review: Infamous by: Suzanne Brockmann

Infamous by Suzanne Brockmann
Release Date: July 2010
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Genre: Paranormal Romance

The Story: "When history professor Alison Carter became a consultant to the film version of the Wild West legend she’d dedicated her career to researching, she couldn’t possibly know that she would not
only get a front row seat to a full-blown Hollywood circus, but that she would innocently witness something that would put her life in danger. Nor did she expect that a tall stranger in a cowboy
hat would turn the movie -- and her world -- completely upside down…

A.J. Gallagher didn’t crash the set in dusty Arizona to rub elbows with Hollywood’s elite. Unable to ignore ghosts from the past that refuse to stay buried, A.J. came to put an end to the false legend that has tarnished the reputation of his family. But when he confronts Alison, sparks fly. And when she becomes targeted by ruthless criminals, suddenly she and A.J. must face the intense attraction that threatens to consume them, in order to survive the danger that threatens their very lives. "

My Review: I was drawn to this book for several reasons: 1. It's a romance. 2. There's a disgruntled ghost involved. 3. The heroine is a historian (so am I, by the way).
4. Honestly, I really liked the cover (I know, shame on me- judging a book by the cover).

As I read Infamous, I found a lot more to like than just the cover art. Alison, A.J., Jamie, and Melody are very likable, even lovable characters. The neat thing about this book is that you actually get 2 love stories entwined in this novel. Alison and A.J. are the present day characters; Jamie is the ghost seeking to clear his name, and Melody is Jamie's love. If you love romance novels with just a bit of the paranormal, than I certainly recommend this book for you.

My Rating:

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