Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Review: Fangland by John Marks

Fangland by John Marks
Release Date: January 29, 2008
Publisher: Penguin
Genre: Horror

The Story: In Fangland, Evangeline Harker is an employee of the legendary TV news magazine The Hour. Sent on assignment to Transylvania, she delivers more than a story when mysterious e-mails, coffins, and a creepy guy named Torgu descend on the New York office.

My Review:
This book is about journalist Evangeline Harker. She works for a television show called "The Hour". She is sent to Romania in the hopes of interviewing an international crime lord named Ian Torgu. There is a contact who she is supposed to meet who claims to be able to secure an interview for her. She arrives at her destination and finds herself imprisoned by Torgu, an almost Dracula like figure. She is imprisoned and her contact is imprisoned as well. Total chaos and horror ensues. She's missing for months and feared dead except that she's still sending out emails. When she's finally found in a monastery, she has no memory of what happened.

This book was well written and at times frightening and suspenseful, although I have to admit there were moments were I found it difficult to continue. Overall for me it was a bit disappointing. I found the e-mails portion particularly lengthy. I was intrigued at the beginning but it didn't hold my attention for very long. It's not a book I would recommend buying.


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