Monday, July 12, 2010

Review: The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

I told myself that I shouldn't read any more of Nicholas Sparks' books. They always make me cry. The Lucky One was no exception.

Logan joined the marines after graduating college. He and some buddies were part of the same unut and deployed to Kuwait. While stationed there, he finds an old picture of a pretty gal. His close buddy, Victor, tells him it's his lucky charm. After three tours of duty, they head home. Victor tells Logan that he needs to set things right, by contacting the lady in the picture.

Beth has a sweet boy, Ben, whose father, Keith, is the deputy sheriff. Keith's family owns the small town, as well as Beth.

Once Logan sets off and finds the lady in the picture, Beth, he realizes what he needs to do to set things right.

I was on a roller coaster reading this. I love trying to predict what will happen, and it was difficult! I was guessing wrong almost all the time. The Lucky One is a beautiful book about romance, trials and standing up for yourself. I loved it!




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