Thursday, June 3, 2010

Three Best Friends Fabulous Day by Mary Ting

I was given the opportunity to review Three Best Friends Fabulous Day. The author, Mary Ting, is an elementary school teacher and a mother who was inspired by her own daughter's friendships to write this chapter book for children.

The stories in this book are based on the real life events of three best friends as they are learning about issues such as friendship, health and the interests of young girls. Three Bests Friends is written from a second grader's point of view and has short, easy to read chapters that I believe a child would find entertaining.

Each chapter is a different scene during the day that gives an inside look into how the average second grade girl may interact with her friends. Kaitlin, Charisse and Kaylie are three best friends who are learning from one another constantly and make you want to observe the conversations of young children more.

While the grammar isn't perfect in this book, I don't believe that takes away from the value of the stories at all. I found the book to be adorable and plan on giving it to my niece, who just happens to be a second grader. I'm sure she'll enjoy it and I love the subtle learning lessons she can get from reading it.

Three Best Friends Fabulous Day gets 3.5 stars.

Mary Ting is an aspiring author and if you would like to hear more about this book or would like to contact her, she has a Facebook page for Three Best Friends and you can purchase the book HERE.

Cindy was sent a copy of Three Best Friends Fabulous Day to review, free of charge. All opinions expressed are hers and were not influenced by the author or anyone else associated with this book.


  1. This is one of life's tougher lessons, and I'm sorry you're enduring it. But people change, and they grow apart. Your friends have grown apart from you. That doesn't mean they're necessarily growing in a good way.

  2. But you are growing apart. Your role now is to move on, find different interests and maybe even different friends. It will be sad and lonely, but maybe only for a while.Thanks for this blog..

  3. Thank you for the information! I've met a boy called Brandon and a girl called Emily, they are really nice; my !so-called "best friends" want me back but they still care about fashion and clothes (which I hate) but now I have two great friends that I never want to loose! Thank you!!

  4. I'm so sorry for u! Reading that story almost made me cry!!!! Sorry, but I don't think theres a chance :( but you don't need them anyway if theyre gonna be b*tches to u! Just try to hang with new ppl, or go on a date with a jock to make them jealous..

  5. People change, that's a fact of life. You're still young, you don't really even know who you are yet. Keep and open mind towards finding new friends and you'll be fine..



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