Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Review- Upon the Isles of the Seas: Setting Sail by Grace Elliot

It's 1849, plauges of all sorts rage through England, Scottland and Ireland. Bess and Ewan McAllister with they're two children, try for a better life than the coalmines. After saving for years, they are able to purchase tickets to move to New Zealand, for a new start. Laruen Kelly is one of 5 children of a strong Irish family, and she is giving a new start by a wealthy benifactor Lady. Edward Morgan, strong tempered, loses his wife of only a few years to disease.

All of them meet on board the ship Victory. Miss Kelly, teaching the children on board to keep them entertained. Edward and Ewan helping out with keeping the peace.

We read of the struggles, hardhips and joy they had while traveling to a different land. We see through them, the power stronger than man, that directs their paths. I was moved while reading this novel. I'm always in awe of history and "what people did back then" but to read the emotions Grace Elliot put into this book, it's like you're there with them. I give this book 4 stars.

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