Monday, June 21, 2010

Review: Shadowland by Alyson Noël

In an effort to rescue her Immortal boyfriend, Ever made the terrible mistake of trusting the wrong person. Now, even the smallest touch could result in death. Ever begins to seek answers and make more mistakes along the way. And there is a new complication: Jude. As Ever is torn in different directions, will she make the right choices?

I have mixed feelings about this book. I liked parts of the book, other parts I detested. I find myself getting very frustrated with this series. I want to know what happens to Ever, but I'm aggravated because I really have no compassion these characters, more like a morbid curiosity as to what their fate will be.
I may grudgingly continue reading this series, but it is dangerously close to losing my interest all-together. I give Shadowland 2 STARS.


  1. I couldn't agree with this review more. I am actually torn about reading the next one. I am going to, but like you, it is more because I am morbidly curious.

  2. I have to say I'm glad someone agreed with me on this one. I was a little worried that I was too harsh with this one....



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