Sunday, June 13, 2010

Review: Burned by P.C. Cast + Kristin Cast

Zoe Redbird faces her most difficult challenge thus far in the House of Night series. She is in the Otherworld, her soul in pieces, and she only has 7 days before she is lost forever. Her Warrior, Stark, is determined to do whatever it takes to save Zoe. Will Zoe be able to pull herself together before time runs out?

Her best friend, Stevie Rae has major problems, and big secrets, of her own. She is having trouble deciding what to do about Rephaim, a Raven Mocker, who may hold the key to helping Zoe. Will she have the strength to get the answers needed to help her friend?

Plus, there is more to Aphrodite's gifts than she ever thought possible. Will she do what is necessary to help Zoe, or will she turn away from the powers the Goddess has given her?

Also in Burned, the reader discovers more about the religious and political world of vampyres. There is more at stake than anyone ever imagined, and more than just Zoe's fate hangs in the balance. P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast weave an intriguing story that grows more fascinating with each book.

Burned is my favorite in the series so far. This novel develops some very interesting and deep aspects about the nature of good and evil, honor, and love. It is also action packed and riveting. I give Burned 4.5 STARS.


  1. Good to know. I started reading this book, but stopped it because I started reading something else. I do plan on reading it, since I have read all of the other books, but I am glad that it is good. Some of the other books are only so so for me.

  2. I really enjoyed this book. It did take me awhile to warm up to Stevie Ray narrating-but once I started warming up to Rephaim, it was easier to enjoy.

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