Monday, June 21, 2010

Review: Books to Movies, TV Shows, Musicals...

Movie, book, book, movie...

I’m not sure about you, but I HAVE to read the book before I see the movie it’s based on. Then again, it could have come about from when I was young. Little Women was just released and I begged my mom to go see it. She picked up the book from Walmart and said that if I read the book first, and still wanted to see the movie, we’d go. So what did I do? I read the book, and enjoyed it. I enjoyed the movie even more.

As I’ve grown, I’ve done this with many more books. The best example of not getting the end result I wanted was The Phantom of the Opera. I wanted to see it on Broadway in NYC. So I got the book out of the library and even did a book report on it. Did I get to see it then? Nope, at least not for another 7 years.

Why do I bring this up you ask? Well, I wanted to re-read some books of mine and chose the Harry Potter series. Especially as I read they just finished production on part 2 of the seventh book in 9 ¾’s years! Those who haven’t read the Harry Potter series, they leave from 9 ¾ platform. How many books have we read that have turned into movies, TV Shows or musicals? The Twilight Series, many of Nicholas Spark’s books, Beauty and the Beast, the Southern Vampire Series (True Blood on TV), Dan Brown’s books, and there’s even talk of the Host by Stephenie Meyer becoming a movie; these are just a short list, as I’m sure you all know of even more.

One thing I’ve noticed with book to movies is you don’t get everything that the author wrote. Many small stories, subplots, either get absolved or are completely thrown out. Reading the book beforehand does give the viewer the upper hand. With the release of The Twilight Series: Eclipse to theaters at the end of this month, many that will see it have read the books, but there are many who have only watched the movies. I went to The Twilight Series: New Moon with my mom. She’d never read the books, but did watch Twilight. I had to answer lots of questions during the movie and afterwards.

I hear a lot of people who loved the book, but hated the movie. When I asked them why they hated the movie, most often than not, the response was “It wasn’t what I expected”. I have never had that problem, but I go into the movie knowing that it will not be like the book. I do come out wishing this or that was in, but overall I’ve enjoyed it. What, I guess, I’m trying to get at is, if you loved the book; don’t expect the movie to be the same, unless the author is the writer and director for the screenplay. But, in the same sense, if there’s a movie coming out and it sounds like a book you’ve heard of, read the book first, you may enjoy it! Movies are representations of a writer’s imagination for the story they are screenwriting. Not everyone thinks the same way, if we did, we’d all be robots.


  1. I guess I wasn't really disappointed by the Twilight movies because I had the same attitude: it's not going to be the same as the book (impossible), but I can still enjoy it...although I did love the HP books so much it was hard not to be sad when they left out/changed stuff in the movies : (

    (and I just have to say that I LOVE Phantom of the Opera. I've watched the movie a million times and read the book. I know this isn't exactly related...)

  2. Actually it is related!! lol There's also a big difference between the movie and the play on broadway!

    I must confess about HP, I saw the first two movies before I read the books! but I really loved book 5 and was sad to see my fave character killed off.



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