Sunday, June 6, 2010

Review: Blood Born by Linda Howard and Linda Jones

Linda Howard has been one of my favorite authors for a number of years. With Blood Born, Howard enters the currently-popular world of vampires with co-author, Linda Jones. Blood Born is the first of a series for these two authors.

Luca Ambrus is a vampire by birth, which makes him uniquely powerful in the vampire world. Luca seeks to uncover a conspiracy that would result in the subjugation of mankind. He discovers that conduits, those who can call forth the warriors who protect mankind, are being murdered. He meets Chloe Fallon, a conduit, and Luca is determined to protect her. Will they both be able to survive the danger that creeps upon them with every turn?

I give this book 3 Stars. While the book kept me fairly interested throughout the story, this is not a novel I will return to read again. I plan to continue to read the series, however, because I am a devoted Howard fan.

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